Pacific Private Money Fund

Accredited Investors

A great alternative to traditional investments, mortgage funds offer attractive yields with low risk.…

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Private Lenders

Like being a private lender but interested in keeping your money working full time?

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New to Investing?

Looking at different investment options? Curious about mortgage pool funds?

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Relax… Retirement Is Still Possible.

At Pacific Private Money Fund, we understand that you may be leery of entrusting your future to Wall Street money managers.

Here’s how we’re different…

Our Fund pools your money to reduce risk yet still maintain high returns by leveraging the large buying power gained from multiple investors – all put towards the strongest investment opportunity today – real estate-backed private mortgage loans.

No more hassle of searching for the next deal while money sits idle. With a proven track record, Pacific Private Money Fund will put your money to work while you spend your time doing what you enjoy most.

Our reputation and market knowledge allows us to cherry-pick the best lending opportunities in the Bay Area, so you can benefit from our strong deal flow and watch your investment perform.

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What Kind of Investor Are You?

At Pacific Private Money Fund, we accept capital from Accredited Investors. Within that broad category, we recognize that you may be new to mortgage pool investing, may be looking for a new pool fund, or you may be accustomed to doing private lending on a one-off basis. No matter what kind of accredited investor you are, we’d like to meet you.

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Benefits of Investing in a Mortgage Pool Fund

The premise of the Fund is simple: we pool private capital and then loan it out at conservative loan-to-value to create an optimal high-yield, low-risk portfolio profile.

The benefits of fund investing compared to single notes include keeping your capital working, spreading out risk, flexibility, time savings, and (often) improved yield.

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Real Estate Broker, CA Dept. of Real Estate, License #1897444
Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #331091

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